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2020 Annual Scientific Poster Symposium

Arnot Ogden Medical Center


Presentation & Awards:

Case Reports


Special Award for Excellence: Radiology Department

i.    23 total case reports of uniformly high quality

ii.    Most productive Residents – Scholarly productivity awards:

1.  Emily Rey, DO 

2.  Mitch Pierce, DO 


i. The Worrisome Apex- A Case of Apical Hypertrophy with Ventricular Tachycardia - Sang Lee MD, Bishoy ElBebawy MD, Kent Stephenson MD

ii.  HSV Esophagitis: An Unexpected Cause of Gestational Pyrosis - Mohammad Raza, MD, Brittney Winton, DO, Farhan Ali, DO, Erik Raborn, Do, Mike Kochik, DO, Vidhya Reddy, MD, Cassandra Steimle, DO, Andrew Kelts, DO, Jennifer Jeng, DO, Dayakar Reddy, MD, Pallavi Kamjula, MD, Bruno Mazza, MD


i.  A Case of Pauci-Immune Glomerulonephritis - Sang Lee, MD, James DeAngelis, MD, Bishoy Elbebawy, MD, Louis Riley, Jr, MD

ii.  Myocardial Bridging as cause of Atypical Chest Pain - Shahnaz Duymun, DO, Emmanuel Misodi, MD

iii.  Hypercalcemia Due to Thyrotoxicosis: A Care Presentation - Vidhya Reddy, MD, Abhiram Javvaji, MD, Jaya Naran, DO, Muhammad Raza, MD, Christopher Barnes, DO, Ahmet Can, MD

iv.  Timeline in Pictures of Oral Aphthae as a Presenting Symptom for Behcet’s Disease - Adam Ramsey, MD, Nidhi Simlote, MD, Abdelkader Mallouk, MD, Amit Sharma, DO, Timothy Baxter, MD

v.  Ottobock C-Brace for Management of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Disability: A Case Report - Madeeha Lughmani, OMS III, Mohammad Alaqrabawi, DO, Rawa Ariam, MD, DO


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