Effective for new Residents entering the program June 2021 Annual Stipends:

• PGY-1  $55,000
• PGY-2  $55,500
• PGY-3  $57,500
• PGY-4  $59,000
• PGY-5  $59,500
• PGY-6  $60,000

Relocation Allowance:

A *relocation allowance of up to $2,000 is given to each PGY-1 categorical resident, and a relocation allowance of up to $1000 is given to each PGY-1 Rotating Intern or Preliminary Resident. (*Relocating receipt must accompany request for reimbursement (receipts must be submitted to GME within 30 days).

Housing, Meals, Uniforms, and Laptops:

• Affordable housing is available throughout Elmira area.
• Meals are furnished at the Arnot Ogden Medical Center cafeteria for residents on night call
• Lunch is available for lectures and conferences held a noontime.
• Each resident is supplied with two white lab coats at start of program.
• Each resident is supplied with a laptop to be used while in program.

Personal Time Off:
• PGY-1 trainees:  4 weeks (20 days)
• PGY-2 through PGY-6:  4 weeks (20 days)

Personal Development Educational Funds:

• PGY-1 Categorical & PGY-2:  $750/year
• PGY-3 through PGY-6:  $1500/year