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Asad Nasir, MD - Pulmonology/Critical Care

The Respiratory Membrane: Basics of Gas Exchange

In this video, Dr. Nasir describes the respiratory membrane, and illustrates the pathophysiological mechanisms that are the underpinnings of common respiratory disorders, including but not limited to COPD. This is meant to be a primer to understand subsequent videos which will further detail respiratory physiology in more depth.

Indications for Intubation

In this video, Dr. Nasir goes over key strategies to recognize which patients may require intubation. Please note this is not an exact breakdown by intubation criteria, but rather a gestalt view of how clinicians should risk stratify patients they may encounter in an easy to use way that is practical and applicable.

Catherine Nelson, MD - Critical Care


In this video, Dr. Nelson helps us understand what shock is, and why it is so important to be able to differentiate the various types of shock. We explore the meaning of cardiac output, and begin to understand how each variable that comprises cardiac output relates to the various types of shock.


In this video, Dr. Nelson builds upon shock (see Shock Video), and helps us explore the options we have to support a patient's hemodynamic status. We go over different types of pressors, including the pros and cons of each type, and in which context each would be most appropriate.

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