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Medical Education Leadership


Michael Witt, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAAP
Designated Institutional Official

I have had the honor of providing healthcare to the Elmira community since 2018. I am honored to have had the pleasure of being involved in developing and improving the graduate medical education program at Arnot Health.


As a practicing pediatric emergency physician, I have seen first-hand the benefit that GME is providing. This has recently become especially apparent as our graduating residents and fellows have begun practicing in our community.


Arnot Health System has gone from a community hospital to an academic institution with multiple ACGME accredited residencies and fellowships. This attests to the dedication and goal-directed leadership of our organization. We are totally committed to constantly improving our programs.


I strongly encourage you to come and train at one of the most progressive programs in the country and to consider the beautiful Finger Lakes region in your future practice plans.

Michael Witt, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAAP

Lindsey Wright

GME Supervisor

Institutional Coordinator

Residency Coordinator for Family Medicine Program

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